11.04.2013, Big Data Analytics: full cycle approach and use cases from real life

В рамках технологического семинара 11 апреля состоится лекция "Big Data Analytics: full cycle approach and use cases from real life". Докладчик Стив Тодд, заслуженный эксперт и инноватор Корпорации ЕМС, автор более чем 200 патентов. Семинар проводится на английском языке.


Big Data Analytic projects usually have a goal of analyzing data for the purpose of influencing decision makers and introducing change within an organization.

When running these projects, many Data Scientists focus only on the algorithms. Focusing on the algorithms alone decreases the chance of successfully accomplishing the goal of the project.

The proper approach is to follow a formal set of steps known as the “Data Analytic Lifecycle”. While analytic algorithms are certainly part of this lifecycle, there are critical steps that occur before and after the algorithms are run.

EMC Fellow Steve Todd will present the steps of the Data Analytic Lifecycle using real-world data analytic examples that he has used as the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at EMC Corporation.

About speaker

Steve Todd began his software career in 1987 as a founder of the CLARiiON storage system, serving as a driving force behind one of the industry’s finest RAID and write caching implementations. During his remaining years at Data General he also architected and delivered the Navisphere storage management suite.

After EMC’s acquisition of DG in 1999, Steve continued his creative streak by conceptualizing and delivering a broad spectrum of EMC products, including ECC StorageScope, PowerPath Data Migration Enabler, Centera Seek, and Centera Virtual Archive. Steve became a founding member of EMC’s newest storage platform (VNXe), and conceived, architected, and delivered one of the most customer-friendly user interfaces in the industry (Unisphere). These products have gone on to become EMC’s fastest selling storage systems in recent memory.

Along the way Steve has filed over 200 patent applications, finished as an Innovation Conference finalist for four consecutive years, and launched multiple university research initiatives at locations world-wide (including St. Petersburg, Russia and Cairo, Egypt).
Steve became an EMC Fellow and Vice President of Strategy and Innovation in 2012. He has become one of EMC’s top bloggers and the voice of EMC Innovation on his Information Playground blog. He has published two books on innovation as part of his “Innovate With Influence” series.

B.S.C.S. 1987, University of New Hampshire
M.S.C.S. 2006, University of New Hampshire

Steve’s blog Innovation Playground: http://stevetodd.typepad.com/
Book “Innovate with Influence”: http://stevetodd.typepad.com/my_weblog/innovate-with-influence.html
Book “Innovate with Global Influence”: http://stevetodd.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/10/innovate-with-global-infl...


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