Вычислительная нейробиология (Computational Neuroscience)

The so-called hard AI approach focuses on the inspiration of algorithms and data structures from biology and neuroscience. At the forefront of this effort is the simulation of the brain, carried out in multi-million flagship research projects in the EU and the USA. On one hand these projects are hoped to contribute to a better understanding of the human brain, on the other hand the research can yield new artificial intelligence technology Well-established examples of the benefits of neuroscience-inspired AI are neural networks and reinforcement learning. Регистрация в букмекерской конторе Мелбет https://melbetsite.site/p/melbet-registraciya-bonus-na-pervii-depozit/ всего в 1 касание и клик The course will cover basics of neuroscience and computational models of neurons and brain processes such as motor control and learning.