Master studies in SPbAU RAS include intense research as the principal part of education. Research results in a M.Sc. thesis and, frequently, several publications.

Theoretical Computer Science

Research topic is selected by a student and his research advisor. Any TCS professor or at least a Ph.D.fellow can be an advisor. Professors of the department include Edward A. Hirsch, Dmitry Itsykson, Alexander Kulikov, Sergey Nikolenko, Fedor Petrov. Аn incomplete list of other advisors includes: Yuri Matiyasevich (PDMI), Andrey Breslav (ITMO), Kira Vyatkina (SPbSU and Algorithmic Biology Lab), Dmitrii Pasechnik (NTU, Singapore). Some topics of research can be found on the list of our alumni and their research pages.

Software Engineering

The paragraph is currently under construction.

Algorithmic Bioinformatics

Student research projects are supervised by members of the Algorithmic Biology Lab, other partner laboratories and experts from the industry. Research topics are focused on processing and storing of biological sequences and graphs, including (but not limited to) computational problems in genome assembly, proteomics, comparative genomics and other bioinformatics areas.

The list of projects (mainly in Russian)