Our masters programs are intended for research-oriented students. We have masters programs for Russian-speaking students (please refer to the Russian page for this) and International (English-speaking) masters programs. This page contains information about admission to International masters programs. At the moment, we have two such programs: Theoretical Computer Science and Algorithmic Bioinformatics.

To be eligible, you must have a Bachelor or equivalent (or higher) degree.

Admission procedure

Interviewing process

Once you have applied for the program, we will consider your documents and schedule an interview. In general, it will be an electronic interview (for example, via Skype). The interview will start with a written test (consisting of mathematical and programming exercises) followed by a discussion where you will be asked questions about your solutions to the test, other topics you studied before (we can ask to solve another exercise), your motivation, etc. The main goal of this interview is to check your basic math knowledge, your 'algorithmic culture' and capability to perform research.

For both TCS and BIOINF you will be interviewed in the fundamentals of

  • Discrete Mathematics,
  • Mathematical Analysis,
  • Probability Theory,
  • Algebra and Number Theory,
  • Algorithms and Programming (your ability to talk about algorithms and to write basic things formally).

The test will contain both 'elementary math exercises' and problems that require more thought (in particular, you may be asked to demonstrate your ability to prove mathematical statements, for example, by mathematical induction and your ability to design efficient algorithms for simple problems).

Sample exercises and problems for TCS and BIOINF tests.