The Department of Mathematics and Information Technology in the St. Petersburg Academic University was founded in 2008. Our graduates are high-quality professionals in computer science, software engineering, and bioinformatics. We aim at quality and not quantity, which means fewer students and more professors (about 30 highly qualified professionals with impressive experience in research, development, and teaching).

At present, we have three main tracks:

  • Theoretical Computer Science. The curriculum includes basic and advanced courses in algorithms, computational complexity, discrete mathematics, mathematical logic, cryptography and numerous more specialized subjects of contemporary computer science. However, the principal thing is doing research under supervision of active researchers (in particular, several members of Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St.Petersburg).
  • Software Engineering. The curriculum is composed in collaboration with the largest IT-companies of Russia and is based on the international standards in software engineering. The main distinctive feature of our program is a project-oriented educational model, where students are involved (individually or in groups) in real projects development supervised by professional software engineers.
  • Algorithms in Bioinformatics. The curriculum includes advanced algorithms and data structures with application to large-scale data mining in molecular biology.

  • Our contacts with sponsors allow our students to win descent fellowships, train in real-life projects in industry, participate in various scientific conferences and student schools in Russia and abroad. The department itself is also involved in the organization of international conferences and student schools.

    Our graduates who are interested in research continue their education doing their PhD at the best universities (Stanford University, Pennsylvania State University, Steklov Institute, and last, but not least, St.Petersburg Academic University). Those who prefer going into industry are employed in the leading IT companies (Yandex, JetBrains, etc.).